Kurtz Clothiers

Garment Care

Your Kurtz Clothiers garment, like any other, will benefit greatly from proper care. This doesn't mean you need to pamper the garment: It's not fragile. But if you don't abuse the garment, it will last much longer.

Washing and general care

In general, we recommend cold temperature machine washing, though hand washing is an equally good option. Our garments are dry cleanable.

We never advise the use of bleach. Bleach will damage any dyes in your fabric, and it will damage the integrity of the fabric and the thread, and most likely damage your buttons.

When ironing your garment, please us a warm iron. An overly hot iron may damage or burn your garment.

Washing Machines and Garment Bags

We realise that there are two main options for washing machines, and that in different countries, one or the other is more frequently available. The top loading washing machine with central agitator is, we know from terrible experience, a destructive contraption. The central agitator is almost designed to damage cloth. The front loading washing machine is, by a long way, a much gentler machine. In all cases, but especially with top loaders, we strongly advise the use of "garment/delicates bags". These net bags, which usually fasten with zippers or pull-ties, are cheap, easy to find and, for the benefits they offer in terms of garment protection, worth their weight in gold.