Kurtz Clothiers

Our Fabrics

Here at Kurtz Clothiers, we're always on the hunt for vintage fabrics, especially shirtings. This means we have an ever-changing range of cloths as new ones come in and old ones are used up. Because we mainly use vintage fabrics, our products are necessarily Limited Edition. We simply can't get any more of most of our fabrics. Here is a selection of our cloths currently in stock. This will be regularly updated as more fabric is added to our inventory. Because some of these fabrics were made using very narrow looms, the size range available is limited for those narrow loom cloths. The maximum size that can be made using these cloths is noted. We apologise if your size is not available; this is simply a matter of being unable to cut large enough panels from those fabrics. Some of our coths, especially the oldest and rarest, will incur an extra fee. This reflects the rarity, extra purchase cost for us and difficulty of sourcing such cloths. Extra costs are clearly noted.

Our Trimmings

As with fabric, we are constantly scouring the world for large quantities of vintage trimmings - buttons, zippers, buckles, you name it. We try to buy large quantities - at least 1 gross (144) of buttons, for example - so that we have sufficient for a complete limited edition run of shirts. For our intermittent made to measure offering we will allow a customer to select which buttons they want us to use for their shirt, at no extra charge. Below are a selection of buttons we use in our manufacture. Many were sourced from a 1920s desdstock hoard on the Spanish island of Menorca.

Sell us Vintage Fabric and Trimmings

Do you have fabric or trimmings to sell? If you've got 1950s or earlier fabric to sell we'd love to hear from you. We are especially interested in shirtings and heavy workwear cloth. We are extremely interested in anything pre-1950. We can't guarantee we'll buy what you have, but we'd love to take a look. Contact us at petecormie [at] kurtzclothiers.com