Kurtz Clothiers


A place for our customers to view our completed projects, and to decide on what fabric and features to use on your Kurtz Clothiers shirt.

Business Shirts

Vintage styled business shirts are our stock in trade. We pride ourselves on making the best vintage shirts on the market. We use vintage patterns, vintage buttons and often vintage fabric. All our business shirts (above) are soft tailored. Minimal lightweight interfacing make for the perfect vintage soft collar and cuffs.

Sports Shirts

Our Illawarra Collar sports shirts (below) are designed and built like late 1940s sports shirts, in Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter variants. These are almost always made of extremely limited vintage cloth.

Work Shirts and Collaborations

While work shirts represent a new avenue for Kurtz Clothiers, we're very excited to develop this line of our business. We're proud to collaborate with other makers to produce novel and exciting limited edition products. The gallery below shows our emerging range of shirts. Collaborative shirts are available directly from the named collaborators.


There are endless options for collar styles, and we focus on the classic styles from the 1920s-40s era. Want a style you don't see here? Just ask us.

Cuffs, Pockets and Buttons

All cuffs, pockets and button options for your shirt are customisable. You don't want a pocket? You don't want a flap? Just let us know. We have a wide selection of buttons available. Just choose the ones you want. You want crows foot stitching on four-hole buttons - just jet us know.