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Kurtz Clothiers - Welcome!

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Welcome to Kurtz Clothiers


The launch of our website, www.kurtzclothiers.com, represents the next step in our journey from 25-year veteran vintage clothing collector, to reproduction hobbyist, to manufacturer of vintage style clothing for public consumption. We are proud to introduce two new brands: Tiny Pipe Shirts and Echidna Overalls. I'll be using this blog to provide regular updates on product releases, samples and ideas, and pretty much everything going on here at Kurtz Clothiers.


The Brand

We are an artisanal company, making heritage menswear using vintage patterns and as far as possible, vintage cloth. We draw our patterns from long-forgotten, and not-so-forgotten, magazines, trade journals, books and patent applications, always on the hunt for new/old and interesting patterns to use.

Everything we use is natural - there will never be any synthetic products like polyester in any of our garments.

Everything we do is limited edition.

Our motto is Never Compromise! and it means what it says. Kurtz Clothiers will never compromise on anything that affects the quality of our garments - from cloth, buttons and thread, to workers and human rights. You deserve the best, and we aim to provide it.